Tesh Kataria, BSc (Hons), CeMAP
Founder & Managing Director
Direct: 020 8676 5620
Email: tesh@somortgages.co.uk

Having worked a Sales & Marketing Manager for London & Quadrant (L & Q) Housing Association for almost 10 years I opened SO Mortgages in 2009 to follow my passion of helping first time buyers to own a home of their own.

There are only a handful of other mortgage brokers specialising in the Affordable Housing Arena and having worked with most of them, during my time at L & Q, I found that most of them were mainly focussed on sourcing mortgages.

Using my past experience I wanted to create a one stop shop where buyers can not only obtain the best mortgage and insurance but also understand more about the scheme that they are buying through.

My team and I are happy to answer questions and fully explain how government schemes such as Shared Ownership work and what you are actually signing up to.

For example;
How often does your rent increase? How do you buy more shares? How do you sell your home? etc.
Michael Wilkins, FPC, CeMAP
Mortgage Consultant
Direct: 020 8676 5655
Email: michael@somortgages.co.uk

Michael has worked as a Mortgage Adviser for over 18 years, including 7 years within the affordable housing Sector.

He is our resident expert on mortgage lending policy and different types of mortgages.

Michael knows the intricate details of each bank or building societies lending policy, and is very familiar with every stage of the buying process.

He takes a pleasure in making sure that every client is well equipped with knowledge in how best to proceed so that they can make the best decisions and to make buying a property much less stressful.
Paul Simner, CeMAP, CeFA, CeRER
Mortgage Consultant
Direct: 020 8676 5621
Email: paul@somortgages.co.uk

Paul has worked as a Mortgage Adviser for 27 years, including 6 years in affordable housing.

Paul joined us from Lloyds where he worked for 8 years in a number of branches throughout Surrey, Sussex and Kent as a Mortgage and Protection Adviser and also in the training and management of new Mortgage and Protection Advisers.  

Paul’s vast experience of the mortgage world means that there is not much that he has not seen or experienced, and he believes passionately that a Mortgage Adviser’s job is to ensure that anyone who sits in front of him wanting to purchase a property is in possession of all the facts and understands exactly the pro’s and cons of the scheme, owning a home and the process involved.

Paul also believes that his job is to guide you through the process and try and remove as much of the stress of buying a property as possible, hence why his hair is so grey.
Mich Thomas, FPC, CeMAP
Direct: 020 8676 5615
Email: mich@somortgages.co.uk

Mich is usually your first point of contact at SO Mortgages.

He carefully pre-qualifies all prospective home owners so that you know exactly what you can afford even before you attend property viewings.

Mich is a qualified mortgage broker with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Before joining SO Mortgages; Mich spent 5 years working in Residential Care. This experience has really grounded Mich and given him an empathetic approach to dealing with prospective buyers. Mich will go the extra mile to listen carefully to all our customers to try and help them to realise their dream of home ownership.
Leanne Kishtoo
Office Manager
Direct: 020 8676 5659
Email: leanne@somortgages.co.uk

Leanne has over 24 years’ experience of working in face to face client sales and customer service.

She will be your main point of contact once your mortgage application has been submitted.

Leanne will liaise with the mortgage lender, seller and your solicitor on a daily basis and keep you informed with regular progress updates.

If you ever have any worries or concerns regarding your mortgage or insurance application; Leanne is just a phone call or e-mail away.